Guido Niederberger
Federally Certified Auditor
Value Added Tax Expert STS


Farsighted creativity.

My qualifica­tions as Federal­ly Cer­tified Ac­coun­tant and Value Added Tax Ex­pert STS give me the special­ist tools I need to offer you know­ledge­able and tar­geted ad­vice. Work­ing as a di­rect client ad­visor at a lead­ing nation­al con­sult­ing firm for more than ten years al­lowed me to broad­en my know­ledge base every single day. As the lead auditor for two large municipalit­ies in the Can­ton of Lucer­ne I also gained in-depth know-how of the ac­count­ing stan­dards applied by pub­lic bod­ies. Today, I apply this ex­peri­ence as well as my Ger­man and En­glish lan­guage skills to your be­nefit. You can rest as­sured that you have a far­sighted and creative partn­er in your cor­n­er whom you can rely on fully. As a Li­cen­sed Audit Ex­pert I am re­gis­tered with the Swiss Feder­al Audit Over­sight Aut­hor­ity FAOA under the numb­er 100239.

"Com­pan­ies need en­ough scope so that they can con­centrate fully on their core com­peten­cies."