Marcus Waldispühl
Federally Certified Tax Expert


Thoroughly planning.

I was already very taken with the complexity of issues relating to tax law when I was a student. As a lawyer and Senior Manager of a global consulting firm, I spent several years in Zurich and in New York helping companies to come up with a solution to sophisticated tax cases with a national and international context. During this period, I also completed training to become a Federally Certified Tax Expert. As a tax adviser and head of the Private Customer Tax Consulting department of a renowned private bank active on an international scale, I subsequently also specialised in dealing with complex tax issues for private individuals. Today, I combine my multifaceted professional experience in order to be able to offer you in-depth support at any time and on a case-by-case basis with tax issues in German, English and French.

"Success only comes to you via careful planning." (Adolf Loos, 1870 - 1933)