Monika Schärli
Federally Certified Fiduciary


Requirements savvy.

Fol­low­ing my re­turn from a work as­sign­ment ab­road, I de­cided to re­orient my care­er and as a re­sult com­pleted an appren­tices­hip in busi­ness ad­ministra­tion. While work­ing for my em­ploy­er at the time, I dis­covered that I great­ly en­joyed ac­count­ing in gener­al and book­keep­ing in par­ticular. Dur­ing a lan­guage study trip last­ing sever­al months I then furth­er im­proved my En­glish. In addition, I completed further vocational training to become a Federally Certified Fiduciary so that today I have the ex­pert­ise to meet the challenges which come with pro­vid­ing com­petent ad­vice and sup­port for both com­pan­ies and ex­ecutives.

"Vital­ity shows in not only the ab­il­ity to per­s­ist but the ab­il­ity to start over." (Francis Scott Fitzgerald, 1896–1940)