Nadia Fankhauser
Federally Certified Specialist in
Finance and Accounting


Responsibly precise.

My strong in­terest in accoun­ting was the im­petus for me, after com­plet­ing my appren­tices­hip in opt­omet­ry, to com­plete stud­ies at a com­mer­ci­al col­lege while still work­ing. A busi­ness place­ment togeth­er with my vari­ous posi­tions as an accoun­ting ad­ministrator in small­er and medium­sized com­pan­ies in a wide variety of sec­tors con­fir­med my pass­ion for work­ing with peo­ple and numb­ers. To be able to pro­vide re­li­able sup­port and ad­vice in accoun­ting matt­ers for com­pan­ies and entre­pre­neurs, I then con­tinued my educa­tion until I qualified as a Federal­ly Cer­tified Special­ist in Fi­nance and Accoun­ting. I de­rive great pleasure in using this ex­pert­ise every day, in Ger­man and En­glish, with the pro­m­ise of maximis­ing your suc­cess.

"Dur­ing our lives we learn a great deal and also for­get a few th­ings, but we never stop learn­ing." (Ernst Ferstl, born in 1955)