Sacha Predavec
Attorney-at-law, M.B.L.-HSG


Dedicated foresight.

I gained my first pro­fes­sion­al ex­peri­ence as an at­torney as ad in­terim clerk to the court (ad in­terim) and lec­tur­er. This was fol­lowed by sever­al years as a lawy­er in a lead­ing nation­al con­sult­ing com­pany focus­ing on pro­vid­ing ad­viso­ry ser­vices to com­pan­ies and their own­ers. After com­plet­ing my post-graduate stud­ies in European and in­ter­nation­al busi­ness law, I ac­cepted the chal­lenges fac­ing a legal con­sul­tant for a glob­al private bank be­long­ing to a large Anglo-Saxon bank­ing cor­pora­tion and han­dled the ac­quisi­tion of a private bank and the sub­sequent merg­er of the two en­terprises. These days, I put my broad-based pro­fes­sion­al ex­peri­ence and my Ger­man, En­glish, French and Serbo-Croatian lan­guage skills en­tire­ly at the ser­vice of our clients.

"To be­nefit from good ad­vice re­quires more wis­dom than to give it." (Mic­hael Col­lins, 1890 - 1922)