Tanja Iten
Commercial Diploma


Pleasantly assisting.

Fol­low­ing my entry into pro­fes­sion­al life after educa­tion as an ad­ministrator with a vocation­al di­ploma, I took an ex­ten­ded lan­guage study trip to Canada. After that, work­ing as an ad­ministrative as­sis­tant, I used the op­por­tun­ity to gath­er valu­able ex­peri­ence in a wide range of busi­ness sec­tors, and para­llel to this I furth­er en­ric­hed my lan­guage ab­ilit­ies with ad­dition­al study trips to co­unt­ries where they speak Spanish, French and En­glish. Dur­ing this time, I dis­covered my pass­ion for being able to use these ver­satile ab­ilit­ies along with my soci­al skills in a pro­duc­tive man­n­er in a cor­porate sett­ing. I was then able to bring these skills to bear dur­ing my years as an of­fice man­ag­er and ex­ecutive as­sis­tant at a well-known com­pany which had a great deal of in­flu­ence in the IT out­sourc­ing area. With my ex­ten­sive ad­ministrative know­ledge and my em­pat­hy, today I stand ready to sup­port you as well as my col­leagues in multi­ple lan­guages.

"You can ig­nite in some­one else only what is burn­ing with­in your­self." (Aurelius Augus­tinus, 354 - 430)